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Client Spotlight

How about a little #ClientSpotlight for some #MidweekMotivation?! Here's my client @rccampbellssp who used my online guidance and customized meal plans for the last 9 weeks. He has lost 46.2lbs and has managed to gain muscle definition as well! I'm so proud of him!! He's signing up for another 9 weeks, in hopes of losing another 25. I have no doubt that he will! If you are interested in a customized meal plan, click the link in the bio and fill out the survey to take advantage of the Summer Rates.☝🏽🙌🏽💪🏽

What you get:

🍴Customized weekly or monthly meal plans.

📲Daily access for questions or concerns.

🗓Weekly Check-Ins from me.

🎉Results and Transformations!

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