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Sunrise Smoothie

Happy #HumpDay #FitFam! It's Wednesday. Need some #MidweekMotivation? Here's a tasty protein shake to get you going this beautiful morning... Sunrise Smoothie!


🍊1 c. mango slices

🍊2 tangerines

🍊splash of OJ

🍊1 scoop vanilla protein powder

🍊handful of ice cubes

🍉1 c. watermelon chunks

🍉half a nectarine w/peel (if desired)

🍉splash of almond milk

🍉handful of ice cubes


☀️Blend all yellow ingredients first, then refrigerate while preparing pink ingredients.

☀️Blend all pink ingredients.

☀️Pour yellow ingredients into cup.

☀️Carefully pour pink ingredients on top of yellow, to create the layered look. Enjoy!

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