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Eating Healthy doesn't have to break the bank!

#NoExcuses People always throw out the excuse that "it's too expensive to eat healthy," well I'm here to prove you wrong. Make sacrifices, don't eat out every meal, invest in meal prepping, set yourself up to succeed! "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." You will undoubtedly fail every single day, if you do not take the time to make a conscious decision to make better choices and to put yourself FIRST! You only have 1 body, 1 life to live. Why would you want to harm yourself by eating crap?!

See what $22 got me:

🍓2 packs of strawberries

🍅1 pack of mini tomatoes

🍆2 large cucumbers

🌶2 green peppers

🍉1 mini watermelon

🌳2 heads of broccoli

🍴1 bag red potatoes

🍈1 large mango

🍑1 bag of 5 peaches

🍴1 bag of 3 garlic cloves

🌶1 bag red onions

🍴4 packs of mushrooms

🌱2 bags of Brussels sprouts

🍴2 bags of baby carrots

🌿1 pack of seaweed for snacks!

There's no reason to eat off of a dollar menu. You're not helping anyone by doing that. #PlantBasedProtein #vegan #vegetarian #MealPrepMonday #EatSmarter Need help with eating healthier?? Contact us today!

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