Southern Hospitality Wedding

I want to take a minute to talk about my experience with this company. I was getting ready for my wedding and, as a lot of women do, I wanted to get into better shape for my special day. I had been trying different diet and nutrition techniques but nothing was working. Hannah was recommended to me and I am SO grateful I found her! I live farther away so we were able to work on a nutrition and workout plan online that fit with my lifestyle and schedule. Hannah talked with me about my goals and previous things I had tried and helped to cultivate a specialized program just for me. We touched base weekly with updates and, even when I felt I had failed that week, she had nothing but encouragements to give me. Whenever I was disappointed with my progress, she never let me stay that way for long and supplied me with constant positivity. Within weeks I was seeing a big difference in how I felt physically, plus actually seeing the results. When my big day finally came, I KNEW I looked how I wanted and I felt beautiful! If you're feeling stuck and nothing seems to be working, go in and sit down and talk to her. You won't regret it!!

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