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Your wedding day is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion! All eyes are on you, so we work hard to make sure you feel your very best! We believe every bride & groom should feel confident on his or her big day.

Whatever your individual goals may be, we will work around your wedding plans. Our team will help you to work towards your goals by blending strength, cardio, core, and resistance training. This will help you to get in shape in the most time efficient way. Ensuring you get into the best shape of your life for the biggest day of your life!

 If you don’t want to train alone, we can train brides and grooms together, brides and their mums and we even do group sessions for family and bridesmaids. Exercising together is a fun way to let off steam and socialize in the build up to your wedding day.

Focusing on a tailored training plan is also an incredible way to de-stress during this hectic period, and get some much-needed ‘me-time’.  Setting aside just a few hours each week to focus on your health and fitness will pay off hugely on the big day, on your honeymoon and beyond. 


what type of training will i be doing?

The type of training you will be doing with RevSportLA is completely tailored to you and your fitness goals.

How long before the wedding should i start training to see a change

This really depends on the change you are trying to achieve.

will i need a nutrition plan ?

Nutrition is a huge part of the fitness journey with any bride that we work with.

what packages are available

Our packages are designed to be flexible, so you can decide on your personal commitment level 


Every bride wants to look healthy and radiant on her wedding day and every groom wants to feel extremely confidant. Our certified personal trainers have successfully transformed the physiques of many brides and grooms, from those wanting to simply tone up, to those looking to drop several dress sizes. 


I was recommended to Toby by a co-worker after mentioning to her that I was looking for a PT who was tough, but could work with clients at all fitness levels. I was just starting out on my fitness journey and had two goals: (1) get ready for my upcoming wedding and (2) gain the confidence to work out on my own.

It's been almost two years working out with Toby (and 8 months after my wedding) and he is simply the best PT out there. With so many choices available, it is hard to know which PTs are truly professionals and have the right credential and experience. I can honestly highly recommend Toby without doubts to anybody - beginners or athletes - because of my own personal experience.  In fact, I've recommended two friends who had their own positive experiences with Toby.

For me, the best PTs have the following qualities and Toby is definitely on point on all the criteria:

1. Focus on form - Toby is a stickler for form. He knows how to tweak your body just that teeny bit to correct your stance and maximize your output.  By far this is the most important reason for having a PT - you want someone who watches out for you so you're getting the most out of your workout and not get injured. I've seen other PTs in the gym not even paying attention to their clients; you can be assured that you will get Toby's 100% attention when he is training with you

2. Tailor the workout routine - Toby's workout routines are never the same day to day. He modifies your workout according to your personal progress, goals, and physical capabilities. Not only does he keep it interesting, but the varied routines help to work out all parts of your body you've never thought needed working out!  For me personally, I have bad shoulders and neck pains due to slight scoliosis - Toby tailors the workout for me to specifically work on my back muscles and lats. My neck pains have been kept to minimum since working with Toby

3. Professional, tough, and encouraging - Toby is no-nonsense. If you're looking for a PT to waste your precious workout hour chatting (believe me, I have seen PTs at Equinox literally spending a full hour just chatting to their client like a therapist while the client just stretches), then Toby is not for you. What I appreciate about Toby is that he's tough, doesn't take your whining, and pushes you further than what you think you're capable of. And the result is the progress you see in your body and mindset.

4. Flexible with your scheduling - with my busy work schedule, it's important that I have a PT who is flexible with scheduling. Toby has always been super flexible about make up sessions when I needed to.  

After just a few months working with Toby, I could already see the difference in my body. I'm what you'd call "skinny-fat" - physically look skinny but have no muscle tones whatsoever. Before Toby, I couldn't even do one real push up. These days, I'm banging out 30 reps on my toes no problem.  He got me ready for my wedding last April and I knew I had hit my goal when my dress tailor had to keep taking my wedding dress in and commented on how toned my body was! And my husband was just amazed by my progress and super proud of how strong I got. I enjoyed working with Toby so much that I had continued with him even after my wedding. I've now gained the confidence to work out on my own.  

I can't say enough positive things about Toby and his company (including Hannah who I had the opportunity to work out with a few times and is also amazing!).  

Ladies, go to Toby if you are looking to get in shape for your wedding and for a real change in your body and your mindset. You won't regret it!


Prior to my wedding this past June, I was looking for a quick way to get fit. I was...shamefully the type of person to have a gym membership and inconsistently go to the gym if at all. I needed some extra motivation, so I spoke to a friend who highly recommended training with Toby.

I let Toby know what I was looking for and he kindly offered me a wedding package. It felt great to get back in the gym on a regular basis. In just two months I felt rejuvenated and in the best shape I'd been in for years.

Even though the wedding has passed I've continued to workout with Toby. Part of his mentality is to get you to learn how to workout, so you can workout correctly on your own. He's a huge stickler for form and explains how each exercise/workout impacts your body. He's great at changing up the workouts, so you don't feel like you're always doing the same thing.

Since working out with him my confidence in the gym has boosted because it feels like I know what I'm doing...kind of. I am now a huge advocate for personal training and highly recommend Toby if you're looking for one!

P.S. You'll find many different variations of Russian Lunges online, but his are the worst. Sign up so you can find out.


I was referred to Toby by my friend who had been working out with him for about a year and was really impressed by her results. I've never considered myself the athletic type and up until now, hadn't ever been consistent about working out so needless to say, the gym has always been a bit intimidating to me. 
I've now been working out with Toby for a few months now. We started out training two days/ week and now we're at four days/week. I can't say enough positive things about Toby. He's the perfect balance of tough but encouraging (he really pushes me to do things that I didn't think I was capable of). Toby is dedicated, down to earth, attentive, professional and knowledgeable. Another thing that I really appreciate about Toby is how much of a stickler he is about the correct form. Toby takes the time to explain and demonstrate how to do exercises properly, always taking the time to correct my form if it's off. Working out with Toby has helped me in so many ways: I feel physically stronger, I'm seeing the results that I want (decreasing body fat, increasing muscle mass), I have much more energy, feel more confident and I'm now eating clean and healthy. Even though he kicks my butt during every workout, it's the best part of my day!


Toby is the best! I had to get in shape for a trip to Hawaii. Within 10 sessions I was very toned and confident enough to wear my bikini. Toby pushes you, but his sense of humor make the time and pain go away quickly. Anyone would be lucky to work with him! 

When I was about 3.5 months postpartum, I began working out with Hannah K. I strongly believe both diet and exercise are the key to losing and maintaining one's weight. When I first started working out with her, Hannah introduced me to a 21-day vegan challenge. The diet jumpstarted my weight loss and helped me detox. I was never hungry and felt satisfied with every meal. The best part is that the meals are easy to cook and quick to prepare. This is especially helpful if you're a new mom and don't have a lot of time. 

Hannah also specializes in prenatal and postpartum clients--which was beneficial because I needed to be eased back into working out after my pregnancy. Hannah has the ability to modify the difficulty of one's circuit training, so that it progressively becomes more challenging and doesn't cause injury.  

Due to Hannah's holistic approach to health and fitness, I have lost weight and gained strength over the past few months. I would highly recommend her to others--particularly new moms.


Toby is great-- he's very friendly and knowledgeable about his craft. He keeps you inspired and focused while you're having fun. At first, I was just looking to get in shape. He was able to help me with my form and build strength and confidence at my beginner stage. Then I got engaged and bought a stupid (but pretty) wedding dress that was the bain of my existence. With Toby's help, within 6 months, I was at my strongest and in the best shape of my life, and the dress looked great too! I only wish I was still living on the west side so I could still work out with him. Definitely the best trainer I've ever worked out with!

Revoluton SportLA-4.png


I want to take a minute to talk about my experience with this company. I was getting ready for my wedding and, as a lot of women do, I wanted to get into better shape for my special day. I had been trying different diet and nutrition techniques but nothing was working. Hannah was recommended to me and I am SO grateful I found her! I live farther away so we were able to work on a nutrition and workout plan online that fit with  my lifestyle and schedule. Hannah talked with me about my goals and previous things I had tried and helped to cultivate a specialized program just for me. We touched base weekly with updates and, even when I felt I had failed that week, she had nothing but encouragements to give me. Whenever I was disappointed with my progress, she never let me stay that way for long and supplied me with constant positivity. Within weeks I was seeing a big difference in how I felt physically, plus actually seeing the results. When my big day finally came, I KNEW I looked how I wanted and I felt beautiful! If you're feeling stuck and nothing seems to be working, go in and sit down and talk to her. You won't regret it!!

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